Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Adults can have a maximum of 32 teeth in their oral cavity. The wisdom teeth are the last erupting teeth that come at the back of the mouth (one at each end of our two jaws). Since all of our teeth have erupted by the time wisdom teeth come in, our mouth may not have enough room to accommodate them, causing them to erupt in a crooked way or not erupt fully at all. In such a case extraction will need to be performed.

Common Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

  • If the wisdom teeth are partially erupted, they are susceptible to decay since they become difficult to clean, and food particles and bacteria can stick there.
  • When it is clear that the wisdom teeth will not be able to erupt in a useful position, as there may not be enough room in the mouth.
  • Sometimes a wisdom tooth over-grows. This happens when the lower the wisdom tooth been extracted or cannot come through.
  • If the eruption of the wisdom teeth is affecting the other teeth in the mouth (sometimes the wisdom tooth could push the adjacent tooth).

Prior to the extraction, we will take X-Rays to analyze the position of your teeth and plan the extraction accordingly. We will then numb the area and may also administer dental sedation if you suffer from anxiety or are having all four wisdom teeth removed at once. The tooth is then carefully removed from the socket. Sometimes, we may need to make an incision in the gum to gain access to the bone around the tooth. The tooth may also be broken into pieces before extraction to make the process easier. After the extraction, the area is sutured, and you will be asked to bite down on a gauze pad to control bleeding. It will take a few days for the extraction site to heal. We advise you to eat soft foods and avoid putting pressure on the area. Cold compresses and painkillers can be used to get rid of swelling and pain.

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