Teeth Whitening

We all want to flaunt the perfect set of pearly white teeth when we smile. Professional teeth whitening solutions from Cornerstone Dental Associates in Crossroads, TX help you get the whiteness of your smile back with state of the art whitening treatments.

In-office whitening treatments

Do you have an important interview, or a date, or wedding to go to and need a quick solution to your yellowed and discolored teeth? In-office professional teeth whitening treatments will give you an effective and quick solution to a shiny smile. This whitening treatment can be easily performed in the safe environment of our clinic. We provide Philips Zoom Pro whitening treatments that are highly effective in transforming the color of your smile.

At-Home Whitening Treatments

If you wish to whiten your teeth safely and effectively in the comfort of your home and have time on your hands to see results, our take-home whitening solutions will help you. The treatment consists of a whitening gel and a set of custom trays (one each for the upper and lower jaws). The trays can be filled with the treatment material and worn on the teeth for a specified period of time to whiten them.

Get beautiful white teeth. Book an appointment at Cornerstone Dental Associates by calling (940) 365-7665, and let our dental experts advise you on the best teeth whitening solutions from the wide variety of options we have on offer. Our clinic is located at 12000 US Highway 380, Suite 114 Crossroads, TX 76227.

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