Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are an excellent and efficient alternative to metal braces. Contrary to braces and brackets, this method only focuses on straightening the front teeth (also known as the social six), and hence offers faster results with minimal discomfort. So if you start your six month smiles program at Cornerstone Dental Associates in Crossroads, TX today, you could have your dream smile in the next six months.

Six Month Smiles: How it Works

Making use of contemporary technologies from the area of dentistry, Six Month Smiles straighten your teeth in a fast and safe manner. The treatment program makes use of clear braces, with a key focus on moving those teeth that show while you are smiling. Since clear braces are used, there are no brackets or wires attached (which are a turn off for most individuals in the teeth straightening process).

A lot of people have the perception that reduced treatment time would mean that they would have to wear tighter braces, but that is not the case. Six Month Smiles use the standard mechanics of orthodontics with a focus on the aesthetics of your front teeth rather than the position of your bite. So little force is applied to shift the teeth.

Benefits of the Six Month Smiles program:

  • Use of advanced, invisible materials in the straightening process
  • Shorter treatment time as compared to other teeth straightening procedures
  • Much more affordable than other teeth straightening options
  • The process causes minimal discomfort as it uses a much lower force while moving the teeth

If you are above 15 years of age and wish to straighten your spaced or crooked teeth without needing any major alterations to your bite, Six Month Smiles could be the solution for you. Cornerstone Dental Associates is a leading provider of Six Month Smiles in Crossroads, TX. Call us at (940) 365-7665 for smile transformation a consultation today!

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