Laser & Restorative Dentistry

Our staff is certified to complete more than just routine cleanings. We also offer a comprehensive list of laser and restorative dental options, including:

  • Cold Sores & Ulcer Removal - Pain-Free & Minimally Invasive Procedure to Remove Cold Sores
  • Frenum Attachment - Removal of Tissue Causing Recession & Other Problems
  • Tooth Crown Placement - Naturally Shaped & Sized Caps That Provides Strength
  • Dental Bridge Application - Artificial Replacement for Missing Tooth Fused to Adjacent Teeth
  • Denture & Partial Denture Application - Removable Plate That Holds One or More Artificial Teeth
  • Root Canals - Procedure That Removes Contents of Root Canal & Fills the Cavity with a Protective Substance

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