Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is characterized by an abnormal growth of cell tissues in the lips, tongue, throat gums, palate or mouth. Dentists at Cornerstone Dental Associates in Crossroads, TX provide oral cancer screenings to help prevent, detect and treat the disease. Oral cancer is a serious problem and can be fatal if not caught early. That is why we undertake thorough examinations of patients’ soft tissues to check for any signs of abnormality that indicate oral cancer.

Causes Of Oral Cancer

  • Genetic factors.
  • An unhealthy diet and lifestyle that makes the immune system weak.
  • High exposure of the lips and skin tissues to UV rays from the sun or due to artificial tanning.
  • Smoking or tobacco use, which damages oral cell tissues.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol.

Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

If oral cancer is present, it may show some symptoms such as pale white patches on the lips or in the mouth or on the lips. Bright red marks may be present with the patches. Other symptoms include an ulcer on the lips or in the mouth that is bleeding or will not heal. Lumps may be present in the neck, mouth or throat. One might experience pain while swallowing. Persistence of these symptoms beyond a time of two weeks calls for the conduction of an oral cancer screening at our Crossroads, TX office.

Please note that the above symptoms may also signal other dental conditions apart from oral cancer, but screening is necessary to rule out possibilities of the disease.

Diagnostic screening for oral cancer

We will check the symptoms as mentioned above in the throat, mouth, teeth, gums, and lips. In case we suspect cancer, we will conduct a brush test to collect a sample tissue, which is sent to a dental lab for examination. If the results are positive or atypical, a biopsy is ordered.

Many people suffering from oral cancer may not even come to know about its existence until the disease has progressed to an advanced stage. Early detection using oral cancer screenings will ensure that the patient receives timely treatment to give them a better chance of survival. Schedule your screening at our clinic in Crossroads, TX by calling (940) 365-7665.

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