Fluoride Application

The mineral fluoride is naturally found in water and in some foods such as tea and fish. It helps in the prevention of tooth decay by reducing the ability of bacteria and plaque to produce decay-causing acid and adding strength to the enamel. At Cornerstone Dental Associates in Crossroads, TX, we are committed to providing preventative dental treatments, and keeping in line with this philosophy, we offer fluoride application treatments to help prevent decay even before it has occurred.

Fluoride varnish, the topical form of fluoride treatment, is a pleasant tasting, yellow colored gel containing a professional strength of fluoride. It is painted onto the surface of the patient’s teeth with a soft brush. The gel sets soon after application and starts protecting the teeth.

The treatment can be performed on baby teeth as well as permanent teeth and is a simple, non-invasive procedure, which can be done along with your child’s dental checkup appointment.

In some cases fluoride treatment is also recommended for adults, particularly if they have restorations such as crowns or bridges, or wear braces, or if they suffer from dry mouth Fluoride treatment can be applied to adult patients with the use of fluoride gel and trays.

If you wish to protect your child’s or your own teeth against cavities, schedule a fluoride application treatment Cornerstone Dental Associates by calling (940) 365-7665. We are located at 12000 US Highway 380, Suite 114 Crossroads, TX 76227.

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